U.S. Speaker Cameron Kashani speaks at the B to B International Businesswomen’s Exhibition and Forum

Ms. Kashani with young Bahraini women
Ms. Kashani with young Bahraini women

Post Manama invited U.S. Speaker Ms. Cameron Kashani, Advisor at Bixel Exchange Accelerator, LA Chamber of Commerce and Godmother of Silicon Beach,  to speak at the B to B International Businesswomen’s Exhibition and Forum  The event was organized by the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society, from March 28-30, 2016.  Ms. Kashani spoke at the Role of Youth and Businesswomen in Social Responsibility session about building up a community that embraces the goodwill of humans and  encourages the growth of businesses through knowledge sharing.  Ms. Kashani had the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with her local, regional and international counterparts on supporting and building strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.

During her visit, Ms. Kashani also shared her experience with young Bahrainis.  Ms. Kashani talked about “Mastering Innovation” at the Royal University for Women to students and faculty members in the business, IT and graphic designs departments. She also spoke at the University College of Bahrain on “Entrepreneurship” to students and faculty members in business, IT and graphic designs departments and mass communication departments.    Her talks focused on sharing her personal experience of success and failure stories, seeking advice from others and believing in oneself.  Ms. Kashani also spoke at the Chance 2016 workshop organized by the Youth Pioneer Organization.  Emerging Bahraini youth entrepreneurs attended the workshop. Ms. Kashani and the entrepreneurs discussed basic entrepreneurial ideas for Start Up businesses and what support is provided for the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Participants shared their entrepreneurial ideas as well as challenges facing them.

On the last day, Ms. Kashani was invited by the Integrity Learning Center to speak to emerging women entrepreneurs.  The session focused on “Tips and Guidance for Emerging Women Entrepreneurs.”  Ms. Kashani began the session with sharing her own personal experience.  She encouraged these women to either set up their businesses or continue with it by starting with small basic concepts.  As participants in an English language training program, these women were able to convey to Ms. Kashani their business ideas and request her for guidance.

The visit wrapped up with a talk on “The Impact of IT and Social Media,” in a seminar organized by Venus International Foundation in coordination with the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain at the Applied Science University.  Ambassador William Roebuck opened the session noting the importance of entrepreneurship in Bahrain, highlighting the challenges to diversifying the economy. Ms. Kashani’s  presentation focused on Social media and its impact on the community and how it created a platform for creativity and entrepreneurship in various fields . Ms. Kashani highlighted that social media has helped communities to engage and collaborate more than ever before. She ended her presentation with her own story in the field of entrepreneurship and how failure shaped her success.