U.S. Embassy Supports University of Bahrain’s “Layers 2” Forum

Between December 11 and 15, 2017 U.S. Embassy Manama supported the visit of Prof. Jorge Montero for the “Layers 2 : Art, Graphic Design and Digital Advertising Forum hosted by the University of Bahrain. He is a Professor of Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design and has been a member of their faculty since 2006.

Prof. Montero conducted three back-to-back daily workshops on the topics of Digital Lettering, Package Design, and Poster Design. He also gave a presentation entitled, “Applied Heart.” Dr. Montero talked about his own work as a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. He also talked about how to live a life as a visual communicator with passion and social responsibility, how to develop ideas, and where visual communication is going.

The sessions were attended by University of Bahrain students and the Forum attendees.