U.S. Embassy Joins In Girgaoun Fun


On the evenings of June 15th, 19th& 20th, Embassy Manama participated in Girgaoun events with local societies and NGOs in celebration of the Mid-Ramadan tradition.  These Girgaoun events took place in coordination with the Parents Care Society, Alsanabel Orphan Care Society, and Bahrain Mobility International, along with our partners, the Rotoract club, the Turkish Cultural and Social Society, and Turkish Airlines.

In order to celebrate cultural awareness and understanding of different, the Embassy’s Public Affairs Section (PAS) gave away traditional Girgaoun gifts — in red, white, and blue — along with English language books.  PAS also donated a collection of English books to Al-Sanabel Orphan Care Society’s library, which caters to more than 1,000 children.  In addition, PAS sponsored a trivia contest about the United States.  The activites were attended by children, members of the societies, and organizing partners.