U.S. Embassy Hosts Ramadan Iftar for Bahraini Youth

On Wednesday, May 15th, U.S. Ambassador Justin Siberell and Mrs. Siberell hosted an Iftar for Bahraini youth to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and the strong friendship between the United States and Bahrain. During the Iftar, Ambassador Siberell recognized a number of the U.S. Embassy exchange program participants and participants in the Crown Prince Scholarship program who will be studying in the United States.  He expressed pride to see so many bright young Bahrainis studying in the United States.

In his remarks, Ambassador Siberell said: “All year long, I look forward to the wonderful Bahraini Ramadan traditions, such as attending majales and meeting with new and old friends.  But I particularly look forward to our annual Youth Iftar event.  I always enjoy this opportunity to chat with so many energetic, influential young people.  When I look out at all of you, it is almost like seeing the future of Bahrain gathered in one room.”

Students, exchange program participants, NGO representatives, and other young leaders attended the event.