U.S. Embassy and U.S. Navy Teach American Football at Bahrain National Sports Day

On February 12, U.S. Embassy staff joined volunteers from the U.S. Navy to take part in Bahrain National Sports Day, an annual event organized by the Bahrain Olympic Committee. In the morning, Embassy personnel also participated in a fun walk organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the afternoon, Embassy staff and Navy sailors taught kids how to throw an American football at the U.S. Embassy booth. Sports are a fantastic way for kids to learn about health and fitness, fair play, and teamwork, and the American volunteers were thrilled to share National Sports Day with the Bahraini kids!    DCM Aimee Cutrona stated in an interview at the event: “Sports in the United States is a big part of who we are, whether you are kid or adult, a professional or amateur, we are all here to have some fun. It’s been really fun for us to be out here, to meet up with Bahrainis and show them how to play football. We also have some kids from our English language program, some Navy representatives and from our embassy team here, so it’s a family event for us as well.”