Emergency Contact – All Locations

Building No. 979
Road 3119, Block 331
Zinj District
Telephone: (+973) 1724-2700
Email: ManamaConsular@state.gov

The work week in Bahrain is Sunday through Thursday.

What is the Department of State’s role during a crisis overseas? Do you always evacuate U.S. citizens during a crisis overseas?

The actions we take depend on the nature of the crisis. In some instances, we may only need to provide information on conditions in the country, such as warning about areas of unrest, how and where to seek help, and other useful advice. In more serious situations, we may recommend that U.S. citizens leave the foreign country, and, if commercial transportation is not available, provide departure assistance, as our resources permit.  For more information on what the U.S. Department of State can and can’t do during a crisis.