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“Tamimi Markets” receives U.S. Ambassador in Dilmunia store
October 24, 2022

Dilmunia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Monday, 17 October 2022:

“Tamimi Markets” organized an introductory tour to members of the U.S. Embassy on Sunday evening at “Tamimi Markets” store in the Mall of Dilmunia -the most prominent shopping and entertainment destination on Dilmunia Island-, with the participation of H.E. the U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain, Mr. Steven C. Bondy, the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer, Ms. Linda McMullen, Media Specialist, Ms. Hana Al-Saeed, the General Manager of Tamimi Markets, Bobby Rajendran, and several local press representatives.

During the visit, embassy members and visitors learned about the promotional offers of “Discover America Week 2022”, which Tamimi Markets celebrates annually on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Free Trade Agreement (BHFTA) between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is an opportunity to introduce the most prominent American imported products of the finest American brands on the store shelves, which reflects part of Tamimi Market’s continuous strategies to bring famous international brands at low prices to achieve satisfaction and make the ever-growing customers happy.

In an exclusive statement, the US Ambassador to Bahrain, Mr. Steven C. Bondy, expressed his contentment with the embassy’s participation in “Discover America Week” for the second consecutive year, which underlines the commercial cooperation between the United States and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He continued: “We appreciate the efforts of Tamimi Markets staff -the largest consumer retailer of American products in the Kingdom of Bahrain- to import food and agricultural products from American suppliers”. “Although this is only a small portion of the growing trade between our two countries, we see in the success of Tamimi Markets a symbol of the strong commercial ties between the two countries”, he added.

For his part, Shaikh Mohammed Bin Duaij Al-Khalifa expressed his pleasure in hosting the events of Discover America Week in the Mall of Dilmunia. He emphasized: We are proud to be hosting this event today at Mall of Dilmunia”.

On this occasion, the General Manager of Tamimi Markets, Bobby Rajendran, praised the honorary visit of the embassy’s members, expressing his pride in the efforts of the company’s employees in providing customers with a wide range of delicious food options imported from the most important international brands since its launch in 1979, promising Tamimi Markets customers more exclusive offers, especially on American products.

“We take pride in Tamimi Markets being part of this mall’s community which brings together the joyful and fun of shopping with family, where residents and citizens can enjoy Starbucks fresh products while exploring Discover America Week offers which offer fun and flavors for all gourmets”, he added.

Tamimi Markets customers will enjoy a wide assortment and a variety of choices of high-quality American products, which the company imports exclusively from (O Organic, Safeway, open nature, Signature select, Lucerne) brands, and the Kirkland Signature group, where customers will find these products marked clearly all around the store to identify and purchase them easily throughout the two-week promotion period from October 12 to October 25, during the official working hours.