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Student Leaders Program

What is the Student Leaders Program?

The Student Leaders Program (SLP) is a rigorous leadership and civic engagement program for up to 64 competitively selected undergraduate and graduate students between the ages of 20 and 24 from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Students are placed in U.S. universities where they complete academic coursework, develop leadership and project management skills, and expand their understanding of civil society and participatory governance processes in the United States and MENA region. The cornerstone of the program is the development of Community Engagement Plans (CEP), where each student identifies an issue/opportunity that they would like to improve in their communities. During the program, students will have the opportunity to meet their American peers, engage in community service activities, and meet civil society organizations.

The Student Leaders Program (SLP) is a year-long three-part program: pre-summer, summer, and post-summer with the most intensive part taking place during the summer. The summer program is an intensive 5-week program, and is tentatively scheduled to take place from June 28 until July 26, 2023. The summer program will either be a virtual, hybrid, or in-person program depending on the state of the global pandemic. Upon completion of the summer program, students will implement their Community Engagement Plans and receive follow-on support, training, and professional networking opportunities, including joining the 2,000 strong MEPI Alumni network.  A competitive follow-on Accelerator Workshop may be held in the MENA region.


Can I apply for the Student Leaders Program?

You are eligible for the program if:

  • You are a Bahraini citizen, living in Bahrain, and attending university in Bahrain;
  • You will be 20 to 24 years old at the time of entry to the U.S.  The eligible birthdate range must fall between July 26, 1998 and June 28, 2003;
  • You are proficient in English;
  • You are committed to returning to Bahrain following completion of the program;
  • You demonstrate characteristics of leadership and are interested in motivating your peers to promote positive change in Bahrain;
  • You have a strong interest in learning about the United States;
  • You demonstrate a commitment to civic engagement;
  • You perform at high-level of academic achievement and currently attending an undergraduate or graduate degrees program (or have graduated from an undergraduate program within 6 months or less before the program start date), or will commence graduate program start date), or will commence graduate studies in the U.S.  degree program for the June 29, 2022 or will commence graduate studies in the Fall 2022 semester;
  • You are able and willing to participate fully in the intensive 5-week academic, community service and educational travel activities;
  • You are open to campus life, sharing living accommodations with another participant of the same sex and traveling with multinational group of participants for the MENA region including U.S.  citizens (without family and friends); and
  • Possess flexibility and adaptability to new cultures and social settings.


How can I apply?