Op-Ed: An Achievable Vision from Peace to Prosperity

By Justin Siberell, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain

We are grateful to the Kingdom of Bahrain for partnering with us to host the Peace to Prosperity workshop in Manama this week.  The workshop offers a unique opportunity to communicate our economic vision to the whole region.  It will convene government, civil society, and business leaders to share ideas and galvanize support for potential economic initiatives, facilitating discussions to help secure a prosperous future for Palestinians and the region.

Our economic plan is an ambitious but achievable vision that presents an alternative path for the Palestinian people to unlock that prosperous future.  It has the potential to transform lives with its detailed portfolio of real, implementable projects and capacity-building programs that can drive private-sector growth.  The workshop will include dynamic conversations between government leaders and representatives of the private sector from across the globe that will identify sectors that offer opportunities for growth, discuss how to foster innovation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, and review investments in human capital, including education and healthcare.

The United States has developed what we believe to be a positive and realistic set of proposals that will ensure safety, dignity, and opportunity for both the Palestinian and Israeli people.  Our economic plan can point the way towards a brighter future, and the Peace to Prosperity workshop presents an opportunity to begin working together to bring that brighter future into being.

Arabic Translation of Op-Ed here