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English Language Teachers Summer Camp

English Language Specialist Mindy Visser conducted a two-week intensive teacher training program for English Language teachers at the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.  Throughout the program, participants explored techniques for vocabulary development, building strong readers, and developing reading materials for the classroom.  Ms. Visser focused on the value of extensive reading for developing reading fluency ...
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English Classes for Library Staff

On June 30th, twenty-five members of the library services and management staff at the Isa Cultural Center and National Library took part in a ceremony marking their participation in a course taught by English Language Fellow, Daniel Hatfield.  U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain, William V. Roebuck, honored the participants, who successfully completed the two-month program focusing on ...
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Student Leader Exchange Program

On June 15th, Ambassador William V. Roebuck and Public Affairs Officer Brad Niemann met with 8 Bahraini students participating in a Student Leaders Exchange program.  The program will take place in various U.S. host institutions, from June 29 to August 7, 2015. During the pre-departure orientation, the students were encouraged to be proactive in the ...
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