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English Access Students Learn about an American City

On September 5th, American diplomat Caryl Tuma visited the American Cultural and Educational Center for a presentation to English Access Program students about her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  During her visit, Ms. Tuma talked about topics such as Pittsburgh’s history as an industrial center, the city’s famed sports teams, local foods and products including world-famous ...
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Student Leaders Return from U.S Exchange Program

On September 13th, Public Affairs Officer Tom Tanner hosted a lunch for 8 young Bahrainis who went on a U.S.-Government exchange program for student leaders. The students shared their experiences in the United States and spoke about how much they learned about the U.S. culture and society, as well as engaging with their American peers ...
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American Soccer Coach Sari Rose Conducts Clinics and Workshops with Bahraini Youth

U.S. Ambassador William Roebuck attended a soccer clinic conducted by the Director of Coaching for the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association, Sari Rose, at the Venus Sports Club.  Over 15 young female soccer players attended the clinic to learn new soccer techniques and to develop their skills.  Noting the enthusiasm for the program, Ambassador Roebuck ...
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