National Geographic Bee Championship

group shotOn January 13, U.S. Embassy Economic and Commercial Officer, Christiaan De Luigi opened the National Geographic Bee Championship held at the Bahrain School.  All students in fourth through eighth grade student were eligible to participate.  After completing their in-class qualifying test, 10 finalists and 5 alternates moved on to the championship competition level to compete in front of their teachers, parents, and school-mates.  In his opening remarks, Mr. DeLuigi emphasized the importance of Geography and described how it helped people make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world.  He wished the contestants good luck on his behalf and behalf of the U.S. Ambassador William Roebuck and Deputy Chief of Mission Tim Pounds. Congratulations to the winners: Chase Smith (8th grade), Riley Fisher (7th grade) and, Morgan King (5th grade)!