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Medical Links

  • AMA Physician Select provides information on virtually every licensed physician in the U.S.
  • BCDC National Clearinghouse Servers: offer useful information about HIV/AIDS and numerous links to other Internet sites about the subject.
  • AIDS Treatment Information Service has numerous articles, brochures, and other publications about the treatment of HIV and AIDS. The site is sponsored by seven U.S. public health service agencies.
  • Combined Health Information Database offers sixteen databases that provide bibliographic information about fact sheets, journal articles, brochures, directories, audiovisuals, videotapes, books, bibliographies, program descriptions, monographs, newsletters, and reports about various diseases and conditions. The site is a joint effort of the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • National Library of Medicine has dozens of bibliographies on such topics as prevention strategies for HIV risk behaviors, breast cancer screening in women ages forty through forty-nine, cervical cancer, confidentiality of electronic health data, physical activity and cardiovascular health, chronic pain and insomnia, telemedicine, silicone implants, optimal calcium intake, and ovarian cancer.
  • PubMed Retrieval System provides free searching of all nine million citations in MEDLINE.
  • National Cancer Institute: has details about how to contact the Cancer information Service, which provides information about cancer to the public and health professionals.
  • Mayo Health Clinic: this site, provided by the world-famous Mayo Clinic, strives to be “your source of reliable health information”. It is updated daily with all information on the site prepared and reviewed by the Mayo staff.
  • http://botw.org/top/Health/Medicine/