Contract Opportunities

The U.S. Embassy in Manama, General Services Office seeks to contract with qualified reliable firms with sufficient resources, financing and work experience for delivering and performing a variety of commodities and / or services.

To be considered the company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand and comply with the requirements in the Notice to Potential Offerors.

Below are current opportunities. Qualified firms interested in any of these opportunities must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation description.

  • Request for Architect & Engineer Services – RFQ # 19BA3019Q0007
  • The U.S. Embassy Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain requests for Architectural services for a renovation project in the Chancery building, estimated construction cost would be in the range of $500,000 to $1,100,000 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Firms responding to this announcement on or before closing date will be considered for selection using the following evaluation criteria in descending order of importance:
    • Relevant, professional qualifications of the firm for the type of work required;
    • Specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required;
    • Demonstrated success on similar projects in terms of quality of work and compliance with schedules;
    • Capacity to accomplish work;
    • Knowledge of locality of project;
    • Licensed to operate as Architectural and Engineering design services provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain in accordance with the Kingdom’s rating system requirements of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    • Personnel capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.
  • The Embassy will select for negotiation the licensed firm that demonstrates the best qualifications. Replies to this advertisement with a completed Standard Form 330 (SF-330) must be received not later than 1700 hours local time on May 28, 2019. The requested documents must be hand delivered to the Contracting Officer, U.S. Embassy, American Embassy Manama Bldg. 979, Road 3119, Block 331 Zinj District, Bahrain. Electronic submission is unacceptable due to the volume and size of the file.


  • U.S. Embassy Manama invites Qualified English Language Training Institutes to provide Language Training to its Locally Employed Staff members.  If interested please submit a quotation as per the instructions provided in the solicitation documents.
  • Closing Date: Please send your offer in a sealed envelope to the Contracting Officer, U.S. Embassy, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain with marking “Quotation for English Language Training”. The closing date of submission of the quotation has been extended to 1600 hours on May 19, 2019.


  • 19BA3019Q0009 – Demolition of Storage Building Structure
  • U.S. Embassy, Manama is soliciting quotations for the demolition of an existing building at the Embassy Residence located in Saar.  Please find below solicitation documents for this tender:
  • Closing Date: Please submit your quotations in a sealed envelope with marking “Quotation for demolition of ACC storage building structure” addressed to the Contracting Officer, U.S. Embassy, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain no later than 1700 hours on May 21, 2019.   Please contact Geji Joseph -(973) 17242724 for further details.

Please direct any question on above solicitations to the Contracting Officer by email or call 17242724.