MEPI Small Grants Program

US Embassy Manama invites applicants to submit proposals for the 2020 Middle East Partnership Initiative Local Grants Program that:

  1. develop and promote locally designed solutions to environmental, economic, or social problems; or
  2. increase youth engagement in meaningful economic and civil activities.

Proposals should include activities that successfully address a specific issue and increase awareness about the problem.  Proposals should also describe how they will pursue partnerships with local governments, private entities, and/or non-governmental institutions to support the objective of their proposal. Successful proposals will include a one-page summary with the following details:  Project description, project objective, cost, timeframe, and evaluation criteria.


Estimated Award: $50,000-$100,000



All applicants should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Location Requirement: Only organizations that have an established local office in Bahrain will be eligible to apply. Awards will be issued to the local office and not any partner or affiliate office that may be located outside of the country of implementation.
  2. Organizational Capacity: Organizations applying for funding must have been in existence for at least one (1) year; and must have previously managed at least one donor-funded project or initiative.

The following activities and costs are NOT ALLOWED under this announcement:

Job training that does not lead to an internship or job placement opportunities; Scholarships and student exchange projects; Development of mobile applications (apps); Cash awards/prizes; Paying to complete activities begun with other funds; Foreign travel, unless specifically justified within the project; Social welfare and healthcare projects; Activities that appear partisan or that support individual or party electoral campaigns (e.g., specific political party activities); Agriculture; Polling/surveying; Handicrafts; Academic or analytical research (if not necessary as part of a larger project); One-time events, such as stand-alone conferences and one-off roundtables; Medical and psychological research and clinical studies; Projects of a commercial or profit-making nature; Cultural presentations, cultural clubs, festivals, etc.; Costs related to renovation, remodeling, or purchase or lease of real-estate beyond usual office rent;

 Purchase of office décor; Purchase of equipment (tangible personal property having a useful life of more than one year and is $5,000 or more per unit); Language training courses; and Entertainment costs (receptions, social activities, alcoholic beverages, cocktail parties, guided tours).

 Applications that include any of these activities or costs above may be eliminated at the Technical Eligibility Review stage and will not advance to the Merit Review Panel.



To apply for NEA/AC (Federal) funding, all organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number, also called a DUNS number, and an active account with the System for Award Management (SAM).  To obtain a UEI number, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the country or territory where your organization is physically located.
  3. Complete and submit the form. Organizations will need to provide basic information, including physical and mailing addresses, name and title of the chief executive, primary Standard Industrial Code (SIC), and annual revenue.

For technical difficulties in obtaining this number, please contact D&B at:

Required Documents


Applicants must complete the following three forms online to be considered for funding.

  1. SF-424
  2. SF-424a
  3. SF-424b (if applicable*)

The forms are available via the following link: or by searching “2019-2020 MEPI Local Grants Program” as the keyword on

The required font is 12-point, Times New Roman. All application documents must be single spaced, with all margins (left, right, top, and bottom) of at least one inch each. Also, applicants should ensure all pages in the application package are numbered consecutively and meet the page limit requirements. The Standard Forms 424 (SF-424, SF-424a, and SF-424b) are excluded from the page numbering. It is strongly recommended that applicants submit grant applications using Microsoft Office. If applicants do not have access to Microsoft Office products, Adobe PDF files may be submitted.

Applicants must submit their complete application materials electronically through or via email to by 5:00PM on February 25, 2020. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all material submitted in the grant application package is complete, accurate, and current. MEPI strongly encourages all applicants to submit their materials before the designated due date to ensure that the application has been received and is complete.  The applicant should be informed within 30 if the application was accepted for consideration.

 The application process is not complete until the applicant receives notification that its application has been validated and forwarded to the granting agency (NEA/AC). Please allow sufficient time for entering the application into these systems. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor its application to ensure that it is successfully received and validated.



Applications should address the evaluation criteria outlined below.  A review panel will evaluate each application against the following criteria:

  1. Approach and Responsiveness (25 points)
    1. The applicant explains how the proposed activities respond to one of the goals listed in the NOFO.
    2. The proposed project activities target the priority geographic regions and/or thematic focus stated in the applicable country.
    3. The application addresses how the project will engage or obtain buy-in and support from relevant stakeholders.


  1. Project Design & Ability to Achieve Objectives (40 points)
    1. The applicant provides a clear articulation of how the proposed activities will contribute to the proposed project objective(s).
    2. The applicant describes realistic results to be accomplished within the timeframe of the proposed award.
    3. The applicant clearly identifies the anticipated beneficiaries and explains how the project’s objectives will positively affect them, and explains how participants will be selected.
    4. The applicant proposes activities that are feasible, practical, and/or experiential in nature to encourage innovation.
    5. The applicant acknowledges if activities similar to those proposed are already taking or have taken place previously, and provides an explanation as to how proposed new activities will not duplicate or merely add to existing/recent activities.
    6. The applicant articulates programming assumptions and potential challenges to project implementation and proposes contingency plans.
    7. If applicable, the application describes the division of labor among the applicant and any partners.


  1. Organizational Capacity (25 points)
    1. A description of the roles of each person or position on the project – whether staff, partner, consultant, or volunteer – demonstrates that the project will be adequately but efficiently staffed, avoiding redundancy or duplication of effort.
    2. A job description, including hiring criteria, is provided for each open key position.
    3. Pre-identified key staff members – including volunteers – demonstrate experience and knowledge in the proposed content area.
    4. The applicant proposes adequate staffing and demonstrates the capacity to manage the proposed project.
    5. The applicant demonstrates capacity for responsible fiscal management of donor funding (e.g., successful management of a previous sub-award or grant).
    6. The applicant sufficiently meets/addresses the specific eligibility requirement(s), if any, for the applicable country.


  1. MEPI Alumni Connection (10 points if applicable)
    1. The applicant demonstrates one of the following:
    2. That associated individuals are former participants of MEPI exchange programs; OR
    3. That the organization or associated individuals are beneficiaries in previous MEPI training programs lasting more than five weeks; OR
    4. That the organization is a previous recipient of a MEPI Local Grant.


  1. Budget & Budget Narrative (Acceptable or Not Acceptable)
    1. The costs proposed are reasonable in relation to the proposed activities and anticipated results, which are clearly explained in the budget narrative.
    2. The budget provides details of calculations, including estimation methods, quantities, unit costs, and other similar quantitative detail sufficient for the calculation to be duplicated.
    3. The preponderance of the budget is spent on supporting the project participants/activities in country.
    4. Adequate travel costs are proposed.
    5. The budget demonstrates a reasonable cost per participant.