MEPI Small Grants Program

The MEPI Small Grants Program is intended for local members of civil society including non-governmental organizations and universities to undertake democracy and reform projects. Funding is available for projects that promote political openness and democratic processes, create new economic opportunities, enhance access to and quality of education systems, or which seek to empower women.  Small grant proposals should aim to extend the community of reform-minded individuals and groups.

Target Groups Eligible to Apply for Grants:

  1. Non-governmental organizations or for-profit entities.
  2. Professional organizations/associations.
  3. Universities, schools, educational institutions.
  4. Individuals (e.g. MEPI alumni, professors, entrepreneurs, etc.)

MEPI Small Grant Parameters:

  1. Small grant projects must support those MEPI priorities listed on page one of the grant application form.
  2. Project activities must result in positive impact for more than just the participants
  3. The project must be implemented and managed by a local entity, although international organizations and experts may be involved.

Length of Grant: Local Grants projects generally must be completed in one year or less.

Size of Grant: Local Grants usually range in size from $25,000 to $75,000, though grants outside this range may also be considered.

Examples of Activities that may be funded through Small Grants:

  • Community service projects.
  • Public and civic education projects/ seminars.
  • Projects that strengthen the role of civil society, youth, or women.
  • Training workshops.

Please submit applications and/or queries to