Intensive Sessions/Camps Exchange Program

The Regional English Language Office at the U.S Embassy Manama is seeking candidates for a two-week exchange program to the United States.  The program, entitled “Intensive Sessions/Camps Exchange Program” will take place beginning of July 2017.

This short term, intensive program seeks to strengthen classroom teachers’ and English language program administrators’ ability to create and implement short-term intensive English language immersion programs and camps effectively for diverse EFL students through a 10-day professional development program which will enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in designing and executing impactful immersion programs or camps in their local context. During the exchange program, participants will have the opportunity to observe various types of immersion programs and camps in action (e.g., day camp, overnight camp, week(s)-long camp, camp with academic/learning objectives, college prep/transition camp, life skills camp, leadership/citizenship camp, STEM camp, minority empowerment camp, English immersion camp, foreign language immersion camp, and/or traditional summer camps). When situations allow, participants may briefly act as participants, mentors, or volunteers at programs they visit. Participants will also have a chance to interact with program staff and administrators to learn from their experiences in safe administration of immersion programs and camps.  Participants will be able to collect tangible information – such as rules and regulations for operating an intensive immersion program, risk management and safety guidelines, and instructions for sample activities that can be replicated in their home countries, schedules, resources, and clear learning goals of the activities. Participants will visit various immersion programs and camps in different locations in groups of 8-12 people.  The types of immersion programs/camps and the activities that participants may participate in will vary depending on availability.

Participants of this exchange will develop skills that include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategies to develop, manage, and administer and English language intensive immersion programs, with an emphasis on risk management;
  • Activity planning and/or lesson plan development that integrates English language lessons and hands-on activities which utilize student-centered, task-based, cooperative, and multi-modal approaches;
  • Best practices for identifying, integrating, and adapting meaningful EFL supplemental materials in low-resource environments as well as for various learner language levels and;
  • Teacher reflection activities with an emphasis on self-assessment.
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills; and
  • Increase understanding of U.S. culture and democratic values.

At the end of the 10-day professional development program, before participants depart the U.S., a facilitator (content person) will discuss action plans with the participants so that they are prepared to try and adapt aspects of what they have observed and learned during the exchange program. Participants should develop an action plan that shows their acquired knowledge as well as demonstrates their commitment to implement this acquired knowledge upon their return to their home countries. Housing the culminating projects on a virtual platform that adheres to Open Educational Resource (OER) standards is strongly encouraged.

Applicants are responsible of securing all necessary approvals for their participation in the program.

To apply, please click here and fill in the required information.

For inquiries, please contact