Cultural Connections through Art: U.S. Ambassador Hosts Art in Embassies Reception and Highlights American Artists

On November 7th, Ambassador Justin Siberell and his wife hosted a reception and an art exhibit in honor of visiting American artist Bernadette Jiyong Frank.  The exhibit displayed pieces of her artwork, along with a collection from the Art in Embassies Program. Representatives from the Bahraini artists, educational, business, and diplomatic communities attended the event.  During her visit, Bernadette conducted three different watercolor style workshops for school and university art students.

The U.S. Embassy collaborated with Bait AlSalmaniya (community center for arts and culture) for a two-day public art workshop for emerging artists.  On November 8th,  Bernadette gave a talk “ Living Art: On Process and Context,” which was followed by a public opening of her artwork at Bait AlSalmaniya for the larger Bahraini community.

The artist also visited the gallery of Bahraini artist/alumna Zakeya Zada as part of her art/cultural tour.

Since 1963, the U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies Program has played a vital role in our cultural diplomacy by curating temporary and permanent exhibitions for our embassies and Ambassadors’ residences worldwide.