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Basketball Championship Principles
Virtual Program Celebrates Black History Month with Former NBA Player
February 11, 2021

This February, former NBA player and Bahrain National Basketball Team Head Coach, Sam Vincent, will hold a-nine-week virtual “Championship Principles Challenge” which comprises of weekly workshops to help youth achieve their goals and learn about basketball. During the training camp, Coach Vincent will focus on teaching key life skills necessary to achieve success.

The program’s timing is unique as it coincides with “Black History Month,” celebrated in the United States every year during the month of February to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of Black Americans throughout history.

To commemorate the occasion, Coach Vincent will incorporate the teachings and accomplishments of some of the sport’s most celebrated Black players, such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karim Abdul Jabbar, and Dr. J.

This year will be the second iteration of the program, with its predecessor concluding in June 2020, when Coach Vincent conducted a-six-week program on the same topic.