American Soccer Coach Sari Rose Conducts Clinics and Workshops with Bahraini Youth

group shot
Ambassador William Roebuck with female soccer players

U.S. Ambassador William Roebuck attended a soccer clinic conducted by the Director of Coaching for the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association, Sari Rose, at the Venus Sports Club.  Over 15 young female soccer players attended the clinic to learn new soccer techniques and to develop their skills.  Noting the enthusiasm for the program, Ambassador Roebuck said, “The United States remains committed to deepening our already strong relationship with Bahrain.  Sports play an important role in Bahrain and the United States, and cooperative sports programs like this one have the power to bring Bahrainis and Americans together to build friendships, strengthen bilateral ties, and improve mutual understanding between our countries.”

Sari Rose coaching youth soccer players
Sari Rose coaching youth soccer players

Ms. Rose is one of only three female state directors responsible for organizing and facilitating coaching education courses and player clinics across the state of North Carolina.  While in Bahrain, she conducted a series of soccer clinics and workshops with students and youth at schools and sports clubs, including the Bahrain Football Association and Bahrain School.