American Museum Intern Gains Experience at the Bahrain National Museum

Jenna Julien arrived in Bahrain in July 2017 to begin a six-month internship with the Bahrain National Museum.  After completing her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Visual Art, with Art History Minor at Azusa Pacific University and her Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies from New York University, Jenna wanted to build her skills and professional experience in a museum environment.

The Bahrain National Museum internship program offered this opportunity and a chance to learn in an educational environment with museum professionals. Interns get hands on experience dealing with a variety of collections and projects.  Jenna shares, “ I was looking to broaden my horizons and possibly work internationally. The Collections and Conservation Internship description matched what I was looking for, and when I was offered the position, I took it.”

Working in a museum environment like the Bahrain National Museum gave Jenna the opportunity to make professional contacts and enhance her museum resume. “It felt like the next step in my career. I got a chance to work with a different kind of collection than I am used to and experience a culture different from my own.” Jenna said.  “Bahrain is a great introduction to the Middle East. I had never worked with an archaeology collection such as the one at the Bahrain National Museum. It was good for me to experience working with archaeologists and see how their findings are sorted through and registered into the museum’s database. Getting the opportunity to work in the conservation lab learning how to clean and repair pottery was also a plus.”

The Bahrain National Museum will welcome another American intern in January 2018 for six-month assignment.