American Artist Ann Watcher Visits Bahrain

On April 24, Ambassador William Roebuck  hosted a reception and an art exhibit in honor of visiting American artist Ann Watcher.  The exhibit displayed five pieces of artwork from Ann Watcher, along with a collection from the Art in Embassies Program. Since 1963, the U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies Program has played a vital role in our cultural diplomacy by curating temporary and permanent exhibitions for our embassies and Ambassadors’ residences worldwide. Representatives from the Bahraini artists, educational, business, and diplomatic communities attended the event.

The U.S. Embassy collaborated with Mashq Gallery to bring Anne Watcher’s work to the larger Bahraini community.  The Grace Notes Exhibition at Mashq Gallery will shows Watcher’s paintings alongside that of five local artists, Abbas Al Mosawi, Hasan Al Sari, Mohamed Al Mahdi, Faisal Hasan and Meriel Cooper.  Local artists, entrepreneurs and writers attended the opening of the exhibition on April 26.

During her visit, Watcher conducted “Follow The Leader” style workshop to students from Hawar Internatonal School and Al Majd Private school.  She also conducted a two-day figurative art workshop for artists at Al Madrasa for Art.  The artist also visited renowned Bahraini artists Mr. Abdulkarim Al Orrayed and Mrs. Balqees Fakhroo as part of her art/cultural tour.