Ambassador Siberell Addresses AmCham

On January 30, Ambassador Justin Siberell attended a luncheon hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain (AmCham) and addressed AmCham members. In his remarks, Ambassador Siberell lauded the strong Bahraini-U.S. economic relationship and hailed the Bahrain-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, which has more than doubled bilateral trade since it came into force in 2006. “The power of the Bahrain-U.S. Free Trade Agreement – one of only two such agreements maintained by the U.S. government in the Gulf region – is that it establishes a strong framework for the growth of U.S. – Bahrain commercial ties, and I am committed to helping business leaders like you realize the full potential the FTA provides,” Ambassador Siberell told AmCham members.

During his speech, Ambassador Siberell also announced Discover America Week 2018, which will take place February 10-15.